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How to choose plywood

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How to choose plywood

In the production of plywood, a lot of color varieties are derived. The most important one is to put a thin layer of decorative veneer on the surface of the original plywood, which is called decorative veneer veneer. Board or veneer.

It is worth noting that common veneers are divided into natural wood veneer veneers and artificial veneer veneers. Natural wood veneers are veneer veneers made from precious natural wood by shaving or rotary cutting. The artificial thin wood is made of a veneer that is relatively inexpensive to be cut into a wooden board, and is pressed into a wooden side by a certain process, and then cut into a decorative thin wood with a beautiful pattern.

Usually, natural veneer veneer veneer veneers are often well-patterned, high-priced trees such as cedar, oak, rosewood, and ash. However, it should be stated in the trade name, such as "Cypress wood veneer plywood", or "ash ash slice plywood", or "cherry wood veneer". In several kinds of scales, “sticking”, “slicing” and “decorating board” all reflect the basic characteristics of “decorating board”. However, it cannot be referred to as cedar plywood, ash ash plywood, etc., because these abbreviations refer to the plywood panel and the bottom plate are made of cedar or ash. Another problem is that the furniture produced by veneers is increasing. Although these furniture have the appearance of wood grain such as “cypress wood”, the wood of the furniture is generally made of other wood, and now the store has crowned these furniture.