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Selection points of plywood

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Selection points of plywood

Selection point

1) Select plywood of different types, grades, materials, decorations and webs according to the nature of the project, the location of use, and environmental conditions.

2) Renovation should use precious wood to cut veneer of veneer.

3) Plywood for interior decoration of buildings shall comply with the provisions of GB50222 "Code for Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings".

4) Class I or Class II plywood should be considered for concealed parts that may be damp and where waterproofing requirements are high. Class I plywood should be used for outdoor plywood.

5) The panel decoration needs to use transparent varnish (also known as clear oil) to preserve the natural color and texture of the wood surface. The choice of panel material, pattern and color should be emphasized; if the pattern and color of the panel need not be considered, it should be reasonable according to the environment and cost. Choose plywood grades and categories.