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Decorative veneer features

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Decorative veneer features

1) Decorative veneer veneer plywood is a wood-based panel made of natural wood decorative veneers attached to plywood. The decorative veneer is a thin piece of wood made by cutting or cutting a high-quality wood.

2) Features of decorative veneer veneer:


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Decorative veneer veneer plywood is one of the most commonly used materials for interior decoration. Since the decorative veneers on the surface of the product are made by high-quality wood by cutting or rotary cutting, they have better decorative properties than plywood. The product is natural, simple, natural and noble, and can create a living environment with the best affinity and elegance.

3) Types of decorative veneer veneer:

Decorative veneer veneer plywood can be divided into single-sided veneer veneer plywood and double-sided veneer veneer plywood according to the decorative surface; according to water resistance, it can be divided into I type decorative veneer veneer plywood and class II decorative veneer Veneer plywood and Class III decorative veneer veneer plywood; according to the texture of the veneer veneer can be divided into radial decorative veneer veneer plywood and chord-oriented veneer veneer plywood. Common is the single-sided veneer veneer plywood. Commonly used materials for decorative veneers include birch, ash, eucalyptus, sapphire, eucalyptus, maple, and walnut.

4) Classification of decorative veneer veneer plywood:

China's decorative veneer veneer plywood standard provisions decorative veneer veneer plywood is divided into superior products, first-class products and qualified products three grades. It is reminded that manufacturers and consumers of other grading forms do not meet the standards of China's decorative veneer veneer plywood. For example, some manufacturers have a rating of “AAA”, which is corporate behavior.

5) National standard requirements for decorative veneer veneer plywood: China's current standard is GB/T 15104-94 "decorative veneer veneer wood-based panel", the production of most enterprises to implement this standard. This standard specifies the indicators for decorative veneer veneer plywood in terms of appearance quality, processing precision and physical and mechanical properties. The physical and mechanical properties are: water content, surface bonding strength, dip peeling. GB 18580-2001 "Interior decoration materials, formaldehyde release limit in wood-based panels and their products" also specifies the formaldehyde emission limit of the product.

1 The national standard stipulates that the moisture content index of decorative veneer veneer plywood is 6%~14%.

2 Surface bonding strength reflects the bonding strength between the decorative veneer layer and the plywood substrate. The national standard stipulates that the indicator should be ≥50MPa, and the number of test pieces up to ≥80%. If the indicator is unqualified, the quality of the veneer of the decorative veneer and the substrate plywood is poor, and the veneer may be opened during use.

3 Dip peeling reflects the glue performance of each glued layer of decorative veneer veneer plywood. Failure of this indicator indicates that the bonding quality of the board is poor, which may cause opening of the glue during use.

4 formaldehyde release limit. This indicator is a mandatory national standard implemented by China on January 1, 2002. This is a “birth certificate” for related products. Products that fail to meet this standard from January 1, 2002 are not allowed to be produced; It is also a "market access permit" for related products. Products that fail to meet this standard from July 1, 2002 are not allowed to enter the market circulation field. Excessive amounts of formaldehyde will affect the health of consumers. The standard stipulates that the formaldehyde release of decorative veneer veneer should reach: E1 grade ≤1.5mg/L, E2 grade ≤5.0mg/L.